Camping Cast Iron Cookies

peanut butter cookie in cast iron skillet with whipped cream

I have loved “pizookies” made famous by BJ’s Brewhouse for many years now. It just seems so delightfully decadent to eat a cookie that has been made in a cast iron pie plate. Imagine my delight when I realized I could make my very own cast iron cookies at the campsite. These can be made with readymade cookie dough or you can make your own in advance. Press dough in place, put over the fire, bake, and enjoy these Camping Cast Iron Cookies.

The easier way to make these would be in a pie iron as then you have the closed environment which bakes faster. However there is just something about the look of the cookie in the traditional pizookie form that makes me want to bake these in an open skillet time and again. To do this I have found that a lidded grill is a much better option as you can close the lid. In both cases you are enjoying Camping Cast Iron Cookies that you have made while at the campsite!

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safe to eat raw cookie dough

Who doesn’t love food cooked over a campfire? Actually we know a lot of people who don’t and we just have to feel sorry for them. Because we love to cook over a campfire, especially in cast iron. Cast iron can be used anywhere and can stand up to all that we ask for it while camping. It can be used on the fire, over hot coals, even atop a gas grill. It sears, sautes, grills, fries, and bakes. All that, and it looks good doing so! If you aren’t used to cast iron cooking, give it a whirl. It might just become your new favorite campsite cooking tool.

What we love about Camping Cast Iron Cookies:

  • Fresh warm baked cookies
  • You choose what type
  • Can you say s’mores made with fresh cookies?

The Ingredients:

  • Cooking spray (to help keep the dough from sticking)
  • Ready to bake cookie dough (store bought or homemade)
  • Ice cream or whipped cream (optional)
sliced cookie dough in pie iron
smooshed cookie dough in pie iron
baked cookie in pie iron

The Process if using a pie iron:

  1. (Optional) Preheat your pie irons over the fire while getting your supplies ready.
  2. Spray insides of your pie irons with cooking spray.
  3. Slice or squeeze roughly two tablespoons of cookie dough into your pie iron.
  4. Shut your pie irons and place over coals for five to seven minutes. You do not want to flip these halfway through cooking.
8 inch cast iron skillet sprayed
peanut butter cookie dough smooshed in skillet
baked cookie in cast iron skillet

The Process if using a skillet:

  1. (Optional) Preheat your skillets over the fire while getting your supplies ready.
  2. Spray insides of your skillets with cooking spray.
  3. Slice or squeeze cookie dough into your skillets and press down.
  4. Place inside your grill and shut the lid. Time to cook depends on the size of skillets used.

Equipment needed:

  • Cast Iron Skillet or Pie Irons: We have an 8 inch Ozark Trail skillet or we use our square cast iron pie irons.
  • Cutting board and knife: Even if you want to go old school and yank your dough off we still find a clean surface to be beneficial.
  • Heat resistant gloves: If you are going to be working around a fire, at some point you will probably get burned. These gloves can help prevent that.

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