• Mexican Corn Salad (or Esquites or Elotes)
    No matter what you want to call it, we love the flavor of fresh corn seasoned to perfection with the flavors of chile, cheese, and lime. We used to make Mexican Street Corn (Elotes) every year with fresh corn on the cob for any summer gathering we attended. However, this was a lot of work … Read more
  • Rotini Pasta Salad for the Win
    We love a good make ahead meal for our day of travel and a great option is a rotini pasta salad. I love rotini pasta for making a salad in advance. It is quick to cook and stands up well to sitting for a couple of days in the dressing without getting mushy. And it … Read more
  • Campfire Brie, both Sweet and Savory
    We love to eat brie and have several favorite methods. If you like it sweet, like my introduction to brie many years ago, or if you prefer it savory, like we tend to eat it these days, we have you covered. We even have a boozy campfire brie variation for those who want to indulge! … Read more
  • Berry Couscous
    Are you a fan of couscous? Do you prefer it sweet or savory? Have you ever eaten it for breakfast? Couscous has been one of my favorite pantry staples for many years now. If you aren’t familiar with couscous, it is a quick cooking pasta that acts like a whole grain and is high in … Read more
  • Boozy Brie for the Adults
    Ready for an adult appetizer of boozy brie? Doesn’t that sound good! And it is so easy. All it takes is one wheel of brie, any tasty alcohol you prefer, and something to spread the melted brie on to transfer it to your mouth. That might be crusty bread, it could be crackers, or you … Read more
  • Fire Roasted Fruit with Cake
    When was the last time you roasted or grilled your fruit? We love grilled fruit, and we love foil packets, so we decided to try roasting some fruit in a foil packet to use as a topping over some pound cake. That was good but we felt it could be even better. So, our next … Read more
  • Ham and Cheese Hash Browns Foil Packets
    Hot breakfasts while camping are wonderful – these make ahead foil packets with hash browns, ham, and cheese are fantastic! We love a hot breakfast after sleeping outdoors. And we have quite a few favorite pie iron breakfasts in our repertoire. But sometimes we don’t want to fuss with cleaning them every single meal. So … Read more
  • Our Basic Granola – ready for customization!
    If you don’t love oatmeal, what about granola? The kid loves his bowl of oatmeal for breakfast three days a week. The husband can eat quinoa oatmeal for weeks on end. Me? Not so much. I want to love oatmeal, I really do. It is healthy, cheap, and quick…all very admirable qualities. But I just … Read more
  • Sweet Peach Brie with Berries (on the campfire)
    Have you ever topped your Brie with sweet peaches and berries? There are so many recipes out there for toppings on brie. Some of them are quite elaborate. Most of them are extremely tasty. But seriously. Sometimes simple is best. If you can find some juicy ripe peaches and some fresh black or blueberries, you … Read more
  • Pie Iron Breakfast Puffs
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these pie iron breakfast puffs are a fun and tasty treat. This simple recipe is easy to pack in a mason jar and mix up right there by the campfire. It can be kept simple or seasoned with a variety of spices. If you have … Read more
  • Caprese Brie around the Campfire
    It’s time to glamp up your camping menu and enjoy some Caprese Brie around the campfire! What is caprese brie around the campfire? It’s a wheel of brie that is placed in a cast iron skillet, surrounded by tomatoes, and heated over coals until the brie is melted, and the tomatoes are blistered. Then, you … Read more
  • Sausage and Potato Breakfast Burritos
    If you are looking for a make ahead breakfast burrito with sausage, look no further! We do love our meatless breakfast burritos but sometimes we want to add some meat to our mornings. These ground sausage and potato filled breakfast burritos make a nice change for a hot breakfast while camping. We really love make-ahead … Read more
  • Dutch Oven Dutch Baby over the Campfire
    Our child’s favorite weekend breakfast treat is a Dutch baby. In fact, we typically have to make two of them. He eats one and we share the other. (Why yes, we do have a son who is trying to eat us out of house and home!) Because he loves these so much we wanted to … Read more
  • Cheesy Ranch Potatoes Foil Packets
    We love all sorts of potato recipes, cheese and ranch seasoning make these tasty! Mashed, fried, roasted, boiled…baked, scalloped, steamed, broiled… I don’t think we have found a way we don’t like potatoes. Red, yellow, purple, white…Fingerling, Russet, Yukon, Petite…I don’t think we have found any variety of potato we don’t like. If you need … Read more
  • Pizza while Camping – Three Ways
    If your child will only eat pizza or chicken nuggets, it can be hard to introduce new foods camping. However, we have found multiple ways to bring our child’s favorite pizza into our camping menus and want to show you three ways to help you out. One of the very first things we made in … Read more
  • Roasted Veggies with Orzo Pasta
    Many years ago, before we even started dating, Aaron convinced me to come over for dinner. Originally, he was going to cook Thai, but I have a soy allergy and don’t like to eat Asian food cooked by others unless I know them really well. So, finding out I love Greek food, he changed the … Read more
  • Pressed Picnic Sandwich
    For years we have loved to throw on a backpack and go on an adventure, walking who knows where and for who knows how long. However, this creates difficulty when the hungry strikes. Luckily, this pressed picnic sandwich comes to the rescue because it is meant to get smooshed and it tastes better after having … Read more
  • Chocolate Cherry Pudgy Pies
    This chocolate cherry pudgy pie is a great addition to our camping desserts. I was shocked the first time I made my chocolate cherry cake for my son, and he tried to eat half the cake in one sitting. I hadn’t realized how much he would enjoy the flavor combination of chocolate and cherry. So, … Read more
  • 5 Deliciously Easy Pie Iron Campground Breakfasts
    We have been cooking in our pie irons since we started camping. You might know them as camp cookers, or pudgy pies, or even mountain pies. Whatever you call them, just know that these trusty tools make extremely delicious food cooked over the campfire. And we depend on them for easy pie iron breakfasts. We … Read more
  • Cast Iron Camping Nachos
    As you might have guessed by now, Tex-Mex food is one of my favorite cuisines and camping nachos are easy to make. I’m lucky my husband and child are willing to eat it as often as they do. I could eat it pretty much every week, if not every day. So, even when we are … Read more
  • Biscuits and Gravy in a Pie Iron
    This is another one of those “comfort food” for my husband recipes: Biscuits and Gravy in a Pie Iron. Granted, we could just cook up biscuits and gravy at the campsite. But where’s the fun in that? We love camp cooking with our pie irons and realized after the Camp Cooker Chicken Pot Pie that … Read more
  • French Bread Pizza Rolls
    When was the last time you enjoyed some French Bread Pizza Rolls? Until we started bringing them camping, it had been a while for me. I think back to my childhood when there were frozen French Bread Pizzas that my parents trusted me to cook myself in the microwave for a snack. Those…weren’t so good … Read more
  • Camp Cooker Chicken Pot Pie
    What says comfort food to you? For my husband chicken pot pie ranks right up there. He loves to douse it with hot sauce, and it brings back such good memories for him. Making camp cooker chicken pot pie while camping is comfort food for sure. And we get to create new memories with our … Read more
  • Camping Chili with Cornbread
    Chili is one of our favorite foods to eat. In fact, we love it so much we serve three varieties of it every year at the kid’s birthday party in a chili bar. It tastes great as is or as a topping on a multitude of things. Our camping chili with cornbread is a great … Read more
  • Ham and Cheese Melts
    I have eaten some sort of variation on these ham & cheese melts at multiple potlucks over the years. They come in a multitude of styles. Some are little bite sized appetizers while others are full sized sandwiches meant for a meal. Some are served hot with melted cheese; others are served at room temperature … Read more
  • Cheesy Spinach Bites in the Pie Iron
    True Story: Aaron convinced me to come to dinner and cooked me a full Greek dinner from scratch before I ever agreed to go on a date with him. The way to my heart was obviously through my stomach! And we have had a love affair with Greek food ever since so this spanakopita inspired … Read more
  • Bacon, Egg, and Hash Browns Pie Iron
    I wish we had a better name for this tasty dish. We don’t. But if you like bacon and eggs and hash browns you will want to try this recipe.  We take egg and hash browns, wrap them in bacon and cook them in a pie iron. While this is not a fast breakfast, it … Read more
  • 5 Deliciously Easy Pie Iron Campground Dinners
    We have been cooking in our pie irons since we started camping. You might know them as camp cookers, or pudgy pies, or even mountain pies. Whatever you call them, just know that these trusty tools make extremely delicious food cooked over the campfire. And we depend on them for easy pie iron dinners. We … Read more
  • Camping Chilaquiles
    Many years ago, we were enjoying a character breakfast at Disneyland’s Storyteller’s Café. It was the Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet and the best dish on the menu was chilaquiles. Aaron had not had this dish before, and he raved about it so much we decided to make it at home. While it is … Read more
  • Camp Cooker Chicken Chimichangas
    As I believe I’ve mentioned before, my comfort food will include Tex-Mex flavors every single time. I don’t believe I’m ever without tortillas in the house and when I get low on salsa, I start to get really nervous. I’m a fan of eating it at home. I enjoy going out to eat at authentic … Read more
  • Pie Iron Stuffed Hash Browns
    We first used hash browns in the pie iron when we started making Egg in a Nests. One camping trip we had extra hash browns and needed to do something with them. Instead of making more of the same, we took inventory of what we had sitting around to cook with. Our single pie irons … Read more
  • Cream Cheese French Toast (in a Pie Iron)
    A long time ago, back when I lived in Los Angeles for school, there was a diner we would go to for breakfast when my parents came to town. They would do a stuffed French toast that my father and I loved to order. One day we were reminiscing over these days and I thought…I … Read more
  • Pie Iron Egg in a Nest
    We used to have these individual breakfast casseroles in which an egg, surrounded by hash browns, was baked in a ramekin. I loved those things and realized at some point that it would be fun to try them out camping. Thus, the Pie Iron Egg in a Nest was created and what a tasty recipe … Read more
  • Pie Iron Omelet (with ham and cheese!)
    The best part of waking up at the campground is being all snug and warm inside my sleeping bag. The worst part of waking up at the campground is knowing I have to get out of that warm sleeping bag to make some breakfast. Luckily, there is usually coffee involved and after I smell it … Read more
  • Cast Iron S’mores Dip
    We love s’mores but we don’t always love getting cleaned up after making and eating these sticky treats. Especially when we are camping at a location where the bathrooms are not close at hand. Enter the Cast Iron S’mores Dip for a less messy version. When we have a small group and want a small … Read more
  • 5 Deliciously Easy Foil Packet Campground Dinners
    Due to our work schedules, it can be difficult to get away for long camping trips. Enter the weekend warrior method of camping. Be ready to hit the road as soon as the Friday workday is done…pull into a camping spot…get that fire started while we set up the tent. By the time our campsite … Read more
  • Foil Packet Lemon Shrimp and Broccoli
    Shrimp is one of the things that our picky eater child loves to eat so we started experimenting with ways to safely eat shrimp at the campsite. This lemon shrimp and broccoli foil packet was a hit and so easy to prep before we headed off to the campsite. The key to a great foil … Read more
  • Foil Packets with Andouille Sausage – Three Ways
    The first time we made foil packets I wanted to make sure we weren’t disappointed by cutting into raw meat which meant my best option were foil packets with Andouille sausage. We made Sausage with Peppers, Onions, and Potatoes. But we had a lot of sausage left over. So, we made Red Beans and Rice … Read more
  • Camping Stromboli, also known as a Pizza Log
    You may be asking yourself “What exactly is a camping Stromboli?” In our family it is a way to get our child to eat some real food while we are out camping. Our child is a picky eater. There. I said it. This is not fair to us parents who enjoy food so much we … Read more
  • Jambalaya Foil Packets
    When I was younger, I would head off to New Orleans for vacation on a regular basis. I loved the energy, atmosphere, and especially the really good food I would get there. There was a little hole in the wall restaurant walking distance from my hotel that served the best jambalaya I have ever eaten. … Read more
  • Red Beans and Rice Foil Packets
    In the 19th century, Monday was the day to do laundry. Because it was an all-day affair an easy meal that didn’t require a lot of attention was required. Enter a bean dish that can cook all day and then be served over rice. I first enjoyed red beans and rice on my many vacations … Read more
  • Camping Breakfast Burritos
    Imagine being all toasty warm inside your sleeping bags on a crisp morning while out camping. Who wants to get out of bed? Not me, but hunger calls and then I start to smell coffee percolating. What’s for breakfast? If I have these camping breakfast burritos already made, as soon as that campfire is ready, … Read more
  • Pie Iron Philly Cheesesteaks
    While there are multiple ways of making Philly Cheesesteaks over a campfire, this pie iron version is the easiest for beginners. Often, we will cook up our steak the night before and use the leftovers for this recipe the next night. However, even when we start from scratch Pie Iron Philly Cheesesteaks are well worth … Read more
  • Campfire Turtle Pudgy Pie
    I absolutely love the candy known as “turtles” which are pecans, caramel, and chocolate. I used to make homemade ones with my granny every year and in memory of her birthday we like to make these camping turtle pudgy pies in the fall. Not that these aren’t delicious all year round. I just think about … Read more
  • Camping Cast Iron Cookies
    I have loved “pizookies” made famous by BJ’s Brewhouse for many years now. It just seems so delightfully decadent to eat a cookie that has been made in a cast iron pie plate. Imagine my delight when I realized I could make my very own cast iron cookies at the campsite. These can be made … Read more
  • Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwiches
    Imagine being all toasty warm inside your sleeping bags on a crisp morning while out camping. Who wants to get out of bed? But hunger calls and you start to smell coffee percolating and bacon sizzling. Will this be enough to lure you out of bed? Maybe not, but the thought of pie iron breakfast … Read more
  • Foil Packet Steak Fajitas
    Man might not live on bread along, but I could make a strong argument for including chips and salsa in my everyday life. Tex-Mex flavors are my comfort and these foil packet steak fajitas are my jam! Just try them and see how tasty camping food can be. The key to a great foil packet … Read more
  • Pie Iron Steak
    What happens when one of us wants to make Philly Cheesesteaks while camping and the other one gets inspired to cook the steak first? We move the Philly Cheesesteaks to the second night on the menu and cook up Pie Iron Steak that first night! The first time we made this at a State Park, … Read more
  • Sausage, Peppers, Onions, & Potatoes Foil Packets
    The first time we made foil packets I wanted to make sure we weren’t disappointed by cutting into raw meat which meant my best option was precooked sausage. The second time we made foil packets we chose to make these again because they are just that good. The third time, well that is a story … Read more
  • Pie Iron Cheesy Tots
    I’m not exactly sure why or when we started making these cheesy tots in the pie iron. But even when we are grilling at home if I have the ingredients, I want to add them to the meal. They are quick to prep and quick to cook so they make a quick addition to any … Read more
  • Foil Packet Tex Mex Chicken
    One of the first meals I “learned” to make was called Tex Mex chicken. It was chicken breasts sauted with salsa, over rice, and covered with cheese. These were great for many reasons, one of which was they were so easy to make. Over time I added ingredients to the mix and made them look … Read more
  • Campfire Cones
    Love s’mores but hate the mess? Try making campfire cones with your friends and family for a sweet treat that can be customized to individual tastes. Imagine a waffle cone stuffed with all your favorite junk food sweets, slowly heated through until everything is ooey-gooey delicious. Maybe you chose traditional s’mores flavors of chocolate, graham … Read more
  • Pie Iron Pizza Pockets
    It’s fun to cook personal pizzas for everyone on the site in your pie irons. This would be one of the first items we started making with our pie irons when we went camping. The crispy crust with the melty cheese and the tasty toppings makes this a wonderful meal for those ready to move … Read more
  • Pie Iron Tasty Tacos
    Eating tacos while camping? Of course you can with these pie iron tasty tacos! Tortillas spread with butter, then stuffed with taco meat and cheese, grilled until crispy, and topped with all your favorite taco toppings = comfort food around the campfire. And these pie iron tacos are so easy to make. Bring along some … Read more
  • Pie Iron S’mores Sandwiches
    We love s’mores but don’t always want to spend the time roasting marshmallows. Enter the Pie Iron S’mores Sandwich! Many people start off making desserts in their pie irons, using bread and canned pie filling. This did not appeal to us as our kid is not a fan of pie. However, he loves chocolate, and … Read more
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