• Our Weekend Camping Menu Plans
    My favorite part of camping, hands down, is the food. And yes, we know we can make camping food at home on our firepit. But I just get so excited planning out our meals for each camping trip. However, when it comes time to getting the food together, it can … Read more
  • Kid Friendly Card Games to Play while Camping
    Playing card games while camping? What?? Why??? You’ve finally reached your destination, your campsite is set up, and it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some fresh air. But it’s raining. Or your kid can’t find anyone to play with. So you hear those dreaded words from your child … Read more
  • How to Choose the Perfect Campsite
    Over the years we have chosen good campsites, bad campsites, and mediocre campsites with no rhyme or reason. We used to only choose the perfect campsite completely by accident. However, as we became more experienced with camping and reading those online maps to campgrounds, we have come up with our … Read more
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Tent Camping
    2020 was such an interesting year. It was the year in which terms such as “social distancing,” “self-quarantining,” and “contact tracing” became normal. And it was a year in which camping became a favorite activity for families who were tired of staying home but wanted to stay safe. After all, … Read more
  • How to Pack Your Car for Camping (without needing a shoehorn}
    Have you ever packed your car for camping and realized that you can’t find your picnic lunch because the cooler is buried under everything else? When we first started car camping, we didn’t know how to pack logically. We crammed everything in wherever it would fit. Then, when we would … Read more
  • How to Enjoy the Night Sky with Kids
    I have always loved looking up into a night sky and seeing the brilliance and glory of the stars and planets. These are experiences I want to share with our son. I also want to share them with other kids in our life. However, not all kids are going to … Read more
  • Geocaching with Kids: The Beginner’s Guide
    Who else loves both being outside and a good scavenger or treasure hunt? If your family is anything like ours, and you don’t already geocache, you are going to want to give it a try! We love geocaching and been participating since mid-2008, albeit as off and on cachers. This … Read more
  • Concerned about camping in the rain?
    Last time we went camping it rained the entire time. Our clothes were wet, we couldn’t make a fire, and the tent leaked from the top and bottom. We were miserable! Our next trip is planned for a few weeks from now and we are concerned about camping in the … Read more
  • How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity
    We love to camp in the cooler weather that takes place in the fall and spring but sometimes an unexpected cold snap comes along, and the thin material of the tent is not enough to keep us warm. After some research, and lots of experimentation, here are some ways to … Read more
  • Want to know how to make a camping meal plan?
    Help! We are planning our next camping trip and I either don’t pack enough or pack way too much food. How can I make a camping meal plan that doesn’t require seventeen trips to the store once I’m out there, but also ensuring I won’t be bringing half my pantry … Read more
  • Worried about being comfortable while out camping?
    Tips to help convince someone new that camping can be comfortable! I did not grow up camping so I’m always looking for ways to make our camping experience comfy, cozy, and relaxing. We could just throw a sleeping bag on the ground and call it a day. Some people do. … Read more
  • How To Clean and Season Your Cast Iron
    Does your cast iron need to be cleaned and/or seasoned and this sounds intimidating? Even if you didn’t grow up using cast iron at home, there is no reason to be scared of using it at the campsite. There are so many benefits to cooking with cast iron – it … Read more
  • Worried about your kids being bored while camping?
    We are about to take our kids (ages four and seven) camping for the first time. They are nervous about being away from their friends and toys. We are anxious they will hate it and it will become a miserable time for all of us. What are some ideas we … Read more
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