Making your own S’mores Kits

Forget those tackle boxes full of sticky fingers, we are obsessed with individual s’mores kits!

individual s'mores kits piled in basket

You’ve seen the pictures; I know you have. Make your own s’mores packs. Build a s’mores bar. Create the ultimate s’mores tray. And they are all great ideas. Until I remember about all those dirty fingers touching the food I was about to eat. And I kept thinking there had to be a better way!

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When we started to gather again as we came out of lockdowns, I wanted to share the s’mores love minus the germs. We started to make these individual s’mores kits ourselves so the kids would have all the items they needed without touching the rest of the supplies. They loved it and won’t always wait to toast their marshmallows before eating their s’mores. The parents love it because they know the kids aren’t licking their fingers and then touching everyone else’s supplies as well. And we love it because we love to hang out with our friends around the campfire eating s’mores…

chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers on cutting board

What exactly is a s’more kit?

These are little bags filled with the necessary ingredients to make one set of s’mores. When we stick with the traditional recipe, our bags include two graham cracker squares, one piece of chocolate, and one marshmallow. I love the new flat and square marshmallows instead of the tall cylindrical ones.

Adding some pizazz!

sports themed s'mores kits with sports equipment on grass

To add to the fun, we started adding themed stickers to each pack. We created a set of summer themed stickers, some sports themed stickers (these have been really popular with our kid’s baseball and basketball teams!), and some for most of the major holidays. We passed out our Halloween ones to all the trick or treaters we knew. And our kid is known as the one who brings s’mores kits for every holiday they celebrate at school.

halloween themed s'mores kits with fake spiders and s'mores ingrendients on wood surface

How to make individual s’mores kits:

  1. Purchase ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars
  2. Purchase food safe bags. We use 4 x 6 inch treat bags available at any craft store.
  3. Purchase stickers to close the bags. We sell our digital images in our Etsy store: Three Red Otters
  4. Pass out to friends and family to enjoy!

Other recipe ideas

While most of the kids we know are more than happy with our traditional recipe s’mores kits, we love to branch out once in a while. Have you tried Ritz crackers with Reese’s Cups and marshmallows? That would be the husband’s favorite. What about using fudge striped cookies and foregoing the chocolate? Grandma loves these for their simplicity. As for the grandpa? He likes it when we bring out the bag of assorted miniatures so he can mix and match. One last recipe to suggest would be the wife’s favorite: using a peppermint patty instead of regular chocolate.

For even more recipe ideas check out our post on Campfire Cones.

s'mores kit stickers and packs sitting on wood surface

Want to buy your own? We sell the digital files in our Etsy shop!

Buy, print at home, and make your own s’mores kits with our images from our store Three Red Otters. Got ideas for other fun s’mores themes? Let us know and if we make it happen, you will win a free set. Leave a comment, tag us on Instagram @campinganswer or send us an email: campinganswer at gmail dot com.

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