• Family Emergency Backpacks for On the Road
    More than just a first aid kit, these family emergency backpacks help us feel safe while traveling! I have lived in hurricane country (FL), earthquake country (CA), and tornado country (IL, TN) so it is a habit with me to carry family emergency backpacks filled with the necessities for up to three days of abnormal… Read more: Family Emergency Backpacks for On the Road
  • Making your own S’mores Kits
    Forget those tackle boxes full of sticky fingers, we are obsessed with individual s’mores kits! You’ve seen the pictures; I know you have. Make your own s’mores packs. Build a s’mores bar. Create the ultimate s’mores tray. And they are all great ideas. Until I remember about all those dirty fingers touching the food I… Read more: Making your own S’mores Kits
  • A Geocaching Kit for Kids
    Every kid needs their own geocaching kit to make them feel like a real ‘cacher! We have been geocaching as a family since before we were even technically a family. Aaron and I started in August 2008, and we didn’t get married until May 2009. We have a team name, and all finds are made… Read more: A Geocaching Kit for Kids
  • Our #rvstickerclub Display Board
    Discovering the #rvstickerclub might be one of the best things that happened to us while camping through the pandemic. I dove headfirst into this warm, welcoming community and quickly realized I needed a way to display all the creative stickers we were receiving each week. After debating the pros and cons of various ways to… Read more: Our #rvstickerclub Display Board
  • Reading Road Trip Kits
    Or how to keep your child entertained on the road! You know how excited kids are to get going on a vacation, but ten minutes down the road they start asking “Are we there yet?” No? Just our family? Well, we are not huge fans of just sticking an electronic in front of our child.… Read more: Reading Road Trip Kits
  • How to Build Your Own Camping First Aid Kit
    Do you have everything you need in your camping first aid kit? We learned the hard way that we didn’t! We had a bit of a scare not too long ago when another kid was stung multiple times, and no one had any Benadryl handy. Luckily it all worked out, but it made us realize… Read more: How to Build Your Own Camping First Aid Kit
  • How to Build a Camp Kitchen Kit
    I’m going to be honest. My absolute favorite part of camping is the tasty food we cook and eat while at the campsite. The easiest way to guarantee that we will get to cook and eat tasty food is by always packing our camp kitchen kit. This way, no matter what is on the menu,… Read more: How to Build a Camp Kitchen Kit
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